Are you looking for a martial art?

  • for self-defense
  • preserving the integrity of the body
  • not relying on muscular force but on body mass and relaxation
  • approved connection to Grandmaster William Lai (UK/Sheffield)
  • focus in perfection of movements and positions
  • you can practice in a small and friendly group where you will progress quickly

For 6-10 Months, only Sil Lum Tao and its applications

10-16 months, Dan Chi Sao (Singles), Chi Sao and Walking

1-3 Years Chum Qiu.

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“Permanent Member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (V.T.A.A) and of The Chu Shong Tin Ving Tsun Alumni Association”



(communication can be in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Czech)

Richard H

Learning Wing Chun with Aristide is very fulfilling. He focuses on what is important, such as posture, relaxation, speed and precision, and he has a strong pedagogical approach which makes it easier to understand what is expected. I also value his spirit which is more about self development than combat, hence enabling his students to learn a martial art through the discovery of their body and mind, whilst they also get to practice a great Kung Fu discipline.

Rakhmat R

Starting to learn a martial art at the mature age of 41 seemed an impossible challenge. I was unsure about whether I would be able to manage the physical demands, even if I could cope with the mental ones. I very quickly learnt from Neil that the power of Wing Chun was to come from within myself. Over the past three years, Aristide has been able to guide me through private and group lessons to learn to overcome my internal barriers. This has been key for me; finding someone who can tune in so closely to their students is rare, and having positive encouragement, constant challenge and a thorough, guided learning process has taught me a lot about myself. It takes a highly effective teacher to let the pupil learn about themselves while bringing them on a journey to learn Wing Chun.

Michel K

Aristide makes it so simple, to learn Wing Chun. Starting 7 years ago with him, I could experience his highly pedagogical qualities. Aristide adjusts his teaching perfectly to my mental state, my capabilities and goals. Using a clear language, metaphors, mixed with examples from real-world, Aristide introduce deep concepts in IP Man Wing Chun such as center line, whole body unit and relaxation. I could not only learn the technique, but also understand the philosophy behind each move. Along with the demonstration of practical applications of each part of the Sil Lum Tao, Aristide always makes sure that I could experience the why and the how. Wing Chun is bringing much quality in my life, although I know only a tiny part of this great discipline.